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Business Ideas

Personalized Subscription Boxes: Create subscription boxes that are tailored to individual customers' preferences and interests. Offer unique and niche products that cater to specific hobbies or lifestyles.

Source : SIBAKUA

Ethical Fashion Brand: Start a fashion brand that focuses on sustainability, fair trade practices, and eco-friendly materials. Promote ethical fashion and raise awareness about the environmental impact of the clothing industry.

Virtual Reality Fitness Studio: Develop a virtual reality fitness platform that offers immersive workout experiences and interactive training sessions. Users can exercise in virtual environments while tracking their progress and competing with friends.


Adventure Tourism for Seniors: Design and organize adventure travel experiences specifically catering to seniors, ensuring safety and accessibility while providing exciting and memorable trips.

Indoor Vertical Farming: Set up an indoor vertical farm to grow fresh produce using hydroponics or aeroponics systems. This allows you to grow food in urban areas while maximizing space and reducing water consumption.